Clinical Data Standardization

Clinical data on cases enrolled in major NCI CCG programs are provided by Biospecimen Core Repositories (BCRs) in schema-valid XML format. Other submitters may provide clinical data in a tab-delimited text or json format via a GDC web page. Clinical data elements indexed by the GDC are described in the following table.

More information about each of the clinical elements, including their descriptions and value domains, can be found in the GDC Data Dictionary Viewer. The links for each clinical entity dictionary entry are listed below:

Clinical Data Table

Term Category CDE Required?
aa change Molecular test 6142508 Optional
additional pathology findings Pathology detail --- Optional
adrenal hormone Diagnosis C2264 Optional
adverse event grade Follow up 2944515 Optional
adverse event Follow up 3125302 Optional
age at diagnosis Diagnosis 3225640 Required
age at index Demographic 6028530 Optional
age at last exposure Exposure --- Optional
age at onset Exposure --- Optional
age is obfuscated Demographic --- Optional
aids risk factors Follow up --- Optional
ajcc clinical m Diagnosis 3440331 Optional
ajcc clinical n Diagnosis 3440330 Optional
ajcc clinical stage Diagnosis 3440332 Optional
ajcc clinical t Diagnosis 3440328 Optional
ajcc pathologic m Diagnosis 3045439 Optional
ajcc pathologic n Diagnosis 3203106 Optional
ajcc pathologic stage Diagnosis 3203222 Optional
ajcc pathologic t Diagnosis 3045435 Optional
ajcc staging system edition Diagnosis 2722309 Optional
alcohol days per week Exposure 3114013 Optional
alcohol drinks per day Exposure 3124961 Optional
alcohol frequency Exposure --- Optional
alcohol history Exposure 2201918 Optional
alcohol intensity Exposure 3457767 Optional
alcohol type Exposure --- Optional
anaplasia present type Pathology detail 4925534 Optional
anaplasia present Pathology detail 6059599 Optional
aneuploidy Molecular test C2873 Optional
ann arbor b symptoms described Diagnosis --- Optional
ann arbor b symptoms Diagnosis 2902402 Optional
ann arbor clinical stage Diagnosis 5615604 Optional
ann arbor extranodal involvement Diagnosis 3364582 Optional
ann arbor pathologic stage Diagnosis 5615605 Optional
antigen Molecular test 6142523 Optional
asbestos exposure type Exposure --- Optional
asbestos exposure Exposure 1253 Optional
barretts esophagus goblet cells present Follow up 3440216 Optional
best overall response Diagnosis 2003324 Optional
biospecimen type Molecular test --- Optional
biospecimen volume Molecular test --- Optional
blood test normal range lower Molecular test 6142571 Optional
blood test normal range upper Molecular test 6142535 Optional
bmi Follow up 2006410 Optional
body surface area Follow up 653 Optional
bone marrow malignant cells Pathology detail --- Optional
breslow thickness Pathology detail 64809 Optional
burkitt lymphoma clinical variant Diagnosis 3770421 Optional
cancer detection method Diagnosis --- Optional
cause of death source Demographic --- Optional
cause of death Demographic 2554674 Optional
cause of response Follow up 6161025 Optional
cd4 count Follow up 4182751 Optional
cdc hiv risk factors Follow up --- Optional
cell count Molecular test 6142528 Optional
chemical exposure type Exposure C36290 Optional
chemo concurrent to radiation Treatment --- Optional
child pugh classification Diagnosis 2931791 Optional
chromosomal translocation Molecular test C3420 Optional
chromosome arm Molecular test C13355 Optional
chromosome Molecular test 6142404 Optional
cigarettes per day Exposure 2001716 Optional
circumferential resection margin Pathology detail 6161030 Optional
clark level Diagnosis --- Optional
classification of tumor Diagnosis 3288124 Optional
clinical trial indicator Treatment --- Optional
clonality Molecular test --- Optional
coal dust exposure Exposure --- Optional
cog liver stage Diagnosis 6013618 Optional
cog neuroblastoma risk group Diagnosis 4616452 Optional
cog renal stage Diagnosis 6013641 Optional
cog rhabdomyosarcoma risk group Diagnosis 6133604 Optional
columnar mucosa present Pathology detail --- Optional
comorbidities Follow up 2970715 Optional
comorbidity method of diagnosis Follow up 6142386 Optional
comorbidity Follow up 2970715 Optional
consistent pathology review Pathology detail --- Optional
contiguous organ invaded Diagnosis --- Optional
copy number Molecular test 6142519 Optional
country of birth Demographic --- Optional
country of residence at enrollment Demographic 7050286 Optional
course number Treatment C166235 Optional
cytoband Molecular test 6142405 Optional
days to adverse event Follow up 6154728 Optional
days to best overall response Diagnosis 6154732 Optional
days to birth Demographic 6154723 Optional
days to comorbidity Follow up --- Optional
days to death Demographic 6154724 Optional
days to diagnosis Diagnosis 6154733 Optional
days to first event Follow up --- Optional
days to follow up Follow up 6154727 Required
days to imaging Follow up --- Optional
days to last follow up Diagnosis 3008273 Optional
days to last known disease status Diagnosis 3008273 Optional
days to progression free Follow up --- Optional
days to progression Follow up 6154730 Optional
days to recurrence Diagnosis 6154731 Optional
days to recurrence Follow up 6154731 Optional
days to risk factor Follow up --- Optional
days to test Molecular test --- Optional
days to treatment end Treatment 6154725 Optional
days to treatment start Treatment 6154726 Optional
diabetes treatment type Follow up 3587247 Optional
diagnosis is primary disease Diagnosis --- Required
discontiguous lesion count Follow up --- Optional
disease response Follow up 5750671 Optional
dlco ref predictive percent Follow up 2180255 Optional
double expressor lymphoma Diagnosis C138900 Optional
double hit lymphoma Diagnosis C125904 Optional
drug category Treatment --- Optional
dysplasia degree Pathology detail --- Optional
dysplasia type Pathology detail --- Optional
ecog performance status Follow up 88 Optional
education level Demographic --- Optional
eln risk classification Diagnosis --- Optional
embolic agent Treatment C97229 Optional
enneking msts grade Diagnosis 6003955 Optional
enneking msts metastasis Diagnosis 6003958 Optional
enneking msts stage Diagnosis 6060045 Optional
enneking msts tumor site Diagnosis 6003957 Optional
ensat clinical m Diagnosis --- Optional
ensat pathologic n Diagnosis --- Optional
ensat pathologic stage Diagnosis --- Optional
ensat pathologic t Diagnosis --- Optional
environmental tobacco smoke exposure Exposure --- Optional
epithelioid cell percent Pathology detail 7292253 Optional
esophageal columnar dysplasia degree Diagnosis 3440917 Optional
esophageal columnar metaplasia present Diagnosis 3440218 Optional
ethnicity Demographic 2192217 Required
evidence of progression type Follow up --- Optional
evidence of recurrence type Follow up --- Optional
exon Molecular test 6142411 Optional
exposure duration hrs per day Exposure --- Optional
exposure duration years Exposure C83280 Optional
exposure duration Exposure --- Optional
exposure source Exposure --- Optional
exposure type Exposure --- Optional
extracapsular extension Pathology detail C25502 Optional
extranodal extension Pathology detail C117309 Optional
extrascleral extension Pathology detail C111028 Optional
eye color Follow up C157437 Optional
fab morphology code Diagnosis C91220 Optional
fev1 fvc post bronch percent Follow up 3302956 Optional
fev1 fvc pre bronch percent Follow up 3302955 Optional
fev1 ref post bronch percent Follow up 3302948 Optional
fev1 ref pre bronch percent Follow up 3302947 Optional
figo stage Diagnosis 3225684 Optional
figo staging edition year Diagnosis --- Optional
first event Follow up --- Optional
first symptom longest duration Diagnosis --- Optional
first symptom prior to diagnosis Diagnosis 6133605 Optional
gastric esophageal junction involvement Diagnosis 6059632 Optional
gender Demographic 2200604 Required
gene symbol Molecular test 6142392 Required
gleason grade group Diagnosis 5918370 Optional
gleason grade tertiary Diagnosis --- Optional
gleason patterns percent Diagnosis --- Optional
gleason score Diagnosis C28084 Optional
goblet cells columnar mucosa present Diagnosis 3440219 Optional
greatest tumor dimension Pathology detail --- Optional
gross tumor weight Pathology detail 6133606 Optional
haart treatment indicator Follow up --- Optional
height Follow up 649 Optional
hepatitis sustained virological response Follow up 6423783 Optional
histone family Molecular test 6142511 Optional
histone variant Molecular test 6142515 Optional
history of tumor type Follow up --- Optional
history of tumor Follow up --- Optional
hiv viral load Follow up 2649682 Optional
hormonal contraceptive type Follow up --- Optional
hormonal contraceptive use Follow up --- Optional
hormone replacement therapy type Follow up --- Optional
hpv positive type Follow up 2922649 Optional
hpv strain Molecular test --- Optional
hysterectomy margins involved Follow up --- Optional
hysterectomy type Follow up --- Optional
icd 10 code Diagnosis 3226287 Optional
igcccg stage Diagnosis --- Optional
imaging anatomic site Follow up C13717 Optional
imaging findings Follow up --- Optional
imaging result Follow up --- Optional
imaging suv max Follow up C69310 Optional
imaging suv Follow up C69310 Optional
imaging type Follow up --- Optional
immunosuppressive treatment type Follow up --- Optional
initial disease status Treatment --- Optional
inpc grade Diagnosis 6133602 Optional
inpc histologic group Diagnosis 4616372 Optional
inrg stage Diagnosis 5777238 Optional
inss stage Diagnosis 6133603 Optional
international prognostic index Diagnosis 2500234 Optional
intron Molecular test 6514355 Optional
irs group Diagnosis 6141658 Optional
irs stage Diagnosis 5162089 Optional
ishak fibrosis score Diagnosis 3182621 Optional
iss stage Diagnosis 2465385 Optional
karnofsky performance status Follow up 2003853 Optional
laboratory test Molecular test --- Optional
largest extrapelvic peritoneal focus Pathology detail 6690680 Optional
last known disease status Diagnosis 5424231 Optional
laterality Diagnosis 827 Optional
lesions treated number Treatment --- Optional
loci abnormal count Molecular test 6074182 Optional
loci count Molecular test 6074183 Optional
locus Molecular test C45822 Optional
lymph node dissection method Pathology detail --- Optional
lymph node dissection site Pathology detail --- Optional
lymph node involved site Pathology detail --- Optional
lymph node involvement Pathology detail --- Optional
lymph nodes positive Pathology detail 89 Optional
lymph nodes removed Pathology detail --- Optional
lymph nodes tested Pathology detail 3 Optional
lymphatic invasion present Pathology detail 64171 Optional
margin distance Diagnosis --- Optional
margin status Pathology detail --- Optional
margins involved site Diagnosis --- Optional
marital status Demographic --- Optional
masaoka stage Diagnosis 3952848 Optional
max tumor bulk site Diagnosis --- Optional
measurement type Diagnosis --- Optional
measurement type Pathology detail --- Optional
measurement unit Pathology detail --- Optional
medulloblastoma molecular classification Diagnosis 6002209 Optional
melanoma known primary Diagnosis --- Optional
menopause status Follow up 2434914 Optional
metaplasia present Pathology detail --- Optional
metastasis at diagnosis site Diagnosis 3029815 Optional
metastasis at diagnosis Diagnosis 6133614 Optional
method of diagnosis Diagnosis 6161031 Optional
micropapillary features Diagnosis 6068784 Optional
mismatch repair mutation Molecular test 6142534 Optional
mitosis karyorrhexis index Diagnosis 4616412 Optional
mitotic count Diagnosis C47864 Optional
mitotic count Molecular test C47864 Optional
mitotic total area Molecular test --- Optional
molecular analysis method Molecular test 6142401 Required
molecular consequence Molecular test 6142403 Optional
morphologic architectural pattern Pathology detail --- Optional
morphology Diagnosis 3226275 Required
mutation codon Molecular test --- Optional
nadir cd4 count Follow up --- Optional
necrosis percent Pathology detail --- Optional
necrosis present Pathology detail --- Optional
non nodal regional disease Pathology detail --- Optional
non nodal tumor deposits Pathology detail 3107051 Optional
number of cycles Treatment --- Optional
number of fractions Treatment --- Optional
number proliferating cells Pathology detail 5432636 Optional
occupation duration years Demographic 2435424 Optional
occupation duration years Exposure 2435424 Optional
occupation type Exposure C25193 Optional
ovarian specimen status Diagnosis 6690671 Optional
ovarian surface involvement Diagnosis 6690674 Optional
pack years smoked Exposure 2955385 Optional
pancreatitis onset year Follow up 3457763 Optional
papillary renal cell type Diagnosis --- Optional
parent with radiation exposure Exposure --- Optional
pathogenicity Molecular test --- Optional
pediatric kidney staging Diagnosis --- Optional
percent tumor invasion Pathology detail --- Optional
percent tumor nuclei Pathology detail 2841225 Optional
perineural invasion present Pathology detail 64181 Optional
peripancreatic lymph nodes positive Pathology detail 5983082 Optional
peripancreatic lymph nodes tested Pathology detail 6050944 Optional
peritoneal fluid cytological status Diagnosis 6690681 Optional
peritoneal washing results Follow up C159340 Optional
ploidy Molecular test 6142527 Optional
pregnancy count Follow up --- Optional
pregnancy outcome Follow up --- Optional
pregnant at diagnosis Diagnosis --- Optional
premature at birth Demographic 6010765 Optional
prescribed dose Treatment --- Optional
primary diagnosis Diagnosis 6161032 Required
primary disease Diagnosis --- Optional
primary gleason grade Diagnosis 5936800 Optional
prior malignancy Diagnosis 3382736 Optional
prior treatment Diagnosis 4231463 Optional
procedures performed Follow up --- Optional
progression or recurrence anatomic site Follow up 6161026 Optional
progression or recurrence type Follow up 6142385 Optional
progression or recurrence Diagnosis 3121376 Optional
progression or recurrence Follow up 3121376 Optional
prostatic chips positive count Pathology detail --- Optional
prostatic chips total count Pathology detail --- Optional
prostatic involvement percent Pathology detail --- Optional
protocol identifier Treatment C132299 Optional
race Demographic 2192199 Required
radon exposure Exposure 2816352 Optional
reason treatment ended Treatment --- Optional
recist targeted regions number Follow up --- Optional
recist targeted regions sum Follow up --- Optional
reflux treatment type Follow up 3440206 Optional
regimen or line of therapy Treatment 6161024 Optional
relationship age at diagnosis Family history 5300571 Optional
relationship gender Family history 6161021 Optional
relationship primary diagnosis Family history 6161022 Optional
relationship type Family history 2690165 Optional
relative deceased Family history --- Optional
relative smoker Family history --- Optional
relative with cancer history Family history 6161023 Optional
relatives with cancer history count Family history --- Optional
residual disease Diagnosis C4809 Optional
residual disease Treatment C4809 Optional
residual tumor measurement Pathology detail --- Optional
residual tumor Pathology detail C4809 Optional
respirable crystalline silica exposure Exposure --- Optional
rhabdoid percent Pathology detail 6790120 Optional
rhabdoid present Pathology detail --- Optional
risk factor method of diagnosis Follow up C177576 Optional
risk factor treatment Follow up 6514356 Optional
risk factor Follow up 6142389 Optional
risk factors Follow up 6142389 Optional
route of administration Treatment C38114 Optional
sarcomatoid percent Pathology detail 2429786 Optional
sarcomatoid present Pathology detail --- Optional
satellite nodule present Diagnosis --- Optional
scan tracer used Follow up --- Optional
second exon Molecular test --- Optional
second gene symbol Molecular test 6142393 Optional
secondary gleason grade Diagnosis 5936802 Optional
secondhand smoke as child Exposure 6841888 Optional
site of resection or biopsy Diagnosis 6161034 Required
sites of involvement count Diagnosis --- Optional
sites of involvement Diagnosis --- Optional
size extraocular nodule Pathology detail --- Optional
smoking frequency Exposure --- Optional
specialized molecular test Molecular test 6142526 Optional
spindle cell percent Pathology detail 7292254 Optional
staining intensity scale Molecular test --- Optional
supratentorial localization Diagnosis 3133891 Optional
synchronous malignancy Diagnosis 6142390 Optional
test analyte type Molecular test 6142394 Optional
test result Molecular test 6142397 Required
test units Molecular test 6142525 Optional
test value range Molecular test --- Optional
test value Molecular test 6142524 Optional
therapeutic agents Treatment 2975232 Optional
therapeutic level achieved Treatment --- Optional
therapeutic target level Treatment --- Optional
time between waking and first smoke Exposure 3279220 Optional
timepoint category Follow up C68568 Optional
timepoint category Molecular test C68568 Optional
timepoint category Treatment C68568 Optional
tissue or organ of origin Diagnosis 6161035 Required
tobacco smoking onset year Exposure 2228604 Optional
tobacco smoking quit year Exposure 2228610 Optional
tobacco smoking status Exposure 2181650 Optional
transcript Molecular test 6142465 Optional
transglottic extension Pathology detail --- Optional
treatment anatomic site Treatment 5615611 Optional
treatment anatomic sites Treatment 5615611 Optional
treatment arm Treatment 7068995 Optional
treatment dose max Treatment --- Optional
treatment dose units Treatment --- Optional
treatment dose Treatment 2182728 Optional
treatment duration Treatment --- Optional
treatment effect indicator Treatment --- Optional
treatment effect Treatment 6514354 Optional
treatment frequency Treatment --- Optional
treatment intent type Treatment 2793511 Optional
treatment or therapy Treatment 4231463 Optional
treatment outcome duration Treatment --- Optional
treatment outcome Treatment 5102383 Optional
treatment type Treatment 5102381 Optional
tumor burden Diagnosis --- Optional
tumor confined to organ of origin Diagnosis 4925494 Optional
tumor depth descriptor Pathology detail 3808610 Optional
tumor depth measurement Pathology detail --- Optional
tumor depth Diagnosis --- Optional
tumor focality Diagnosis 3174022 Optional
tumor grade category Diagnosis --- Optional
tumor grade Diagnosis 2785839 Optional
tumor infiltrating lymphocytes Pathology detail --- Optional
tumor infiltrating macrophages Pathology detail --- Optional
tumor largest dimension diameter Pathology detail 64215 Optional
tumor length measurement Pathology detail --- Optional
tumor level prostate Pathology detail --- Optional
tumor measurement method Pathology detail --- Optional
tumor regression grade Diagnosis 6471217 Optional
tumor shape Pathology detail 3870445 Optional
tumor thickness Pathology detail C176286 Optional
tumor width measurement Pathology detail --- Optional
type of smoke exposure Exposure --- Optional
type of tobacco used Exposure --- Optional
uicc clinical m Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc clinical n Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc clinical stage Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc clinical t Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc pathologic m Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc pathologic n Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc pathologic stage Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc pathologic t Diagnosis --- Optional
uicc staging system edition Diagnosis --- Optional
ulceration indicator Diagnosis --- Optional
undescended testis corrected age Follow up --- Optional
undescended testis corrected laterality Follow up --- Optional
undescended testis corrected method Follow up --- Optional
undescended testis corrected Follow up --- Optional
undescended testis history laterality Follow up --- Optional
undescended testis history Follow up C12326 Optional
use per day Exposure --- Optional
variant origin Molecular test --- Optional
variant type Molecular test 6142402 Optional
vascular invasion present Pathology detail 64358 Optional
vascular invasion type Pathology detail 3168001 Optional
viral hepatitis serologies Follow up 4395982 Optional
vital status Demographic 5 Required
weeks gestation at birth Demographic 2737369 Optional
weight Follow up 651 Optional
weiss assessment findings Diagnosis C104015 Optional
weiss assessment score Diagnosis 3648744 Optional
who cns grade Diagnosis --- Optional
who nte grade Diagnosis --- Optional
wilms tumor histologic subtype Diagnosis 4358735 Optional
year of birth Demographic 2896954 Optional
year of death Demographic 2897030 Optional
year of diagnosis Diagnosis 2896960 Optional
year of follow up Follow up --- Optional
years smoked Exposure 3137957 Optional
zone of origin prostate Pathology detail --- Optional
zygosity Molecular test 6142510 Optional