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The GDC provides developers and users with a variety tools, components, and other key information in support of developing novel apps for visualizing and analyzing GDC data.

The GDC Application Programming Interface (API) provides developers with a programmatic interface to query, analyze, and download GDC data and submit data to the GDC. 

The GDC Analysis Tool Software Development Kit supports the development of applications that allow for analysis, visualization, and refinement of cohorts. Applications that operate within the GDC Data Portal interact with the GDC API via SDK.

The GDC provides a Component Library to facilitate the development of web-based applications for the GDC Data Portal.

The GDC Data Model is the central method of organization of all data artifacts ingested by the GDC.





From the GDC FAQ

How long do GDC authentication tokens remain valid?

GDC authentication tokens remain valid for 30 days.

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