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Data Dictionary

The GDC Data Dictionary identifies the properties and accepted types or values for required, preferred, and optional data elements as well as their relationships.

GDC Data Dictionary Key Features

View Data Dictionary

The GDC Dictionary Viewer provides a view of the latest version of the GDC dictionary. The Dictionary Viewer provides the following features:

  • Navigation within the dictionary - Users can navigate within the dictionary to view the descriptions and definitions of an entity, properties of the entity, and definitions and values of entity properties. 
  • Links to semantic resources - Common data element public identifiers are provided for terms and properties along with links to semantic data resources
  • Ability to download templates for data submission - Users can download templates for GDC data submission in TSV or JSON format. Templates are autogenerated from data elements within the dictionary.

Configure the Data Dictionary

The GDC data dictionaries are described in YAML. This allows the flexibility for adding new data elements to the dictionary for incorporating in GDC data submission templates.

Create Project Specific Data Dictionaries

The GDC supports project specific data dictionaries allowing organizations to extend the core GDC data elements to support project specific needs.