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GDC Application Programming Interface (API)

Client ToolThe GDC Application Programming Interface (API) provides developers with a programmatic interface to query, analyze, and download GDC data and submit data to the GDC.

The GDC API is the external facing REST interface for the GDC. The GDC API drives the GDC Data Portal, the GDC Submission Portal and is made accessible to external users for programmatic access to the same functionality found through GDC Portals. This includes searching, analyzing, submitting and downloading subsets of data files, metadata, and annotations based on specific parameters.

GDC API Key Features

Search Data

Using a wide set of parameters, the GDC API can be queried to return results of a search or details about a specific entity. Helper features are available to assist the user in building their query and understand available fields.

Download Files

The GDC API can be used to serve data to the user. If restricted data is requested, a token must be provided by the user along with the API call. This token can be downloaded directly from the GDC Data Portal or the GDC Data Submission Portal.

Analyze Data

GDC data analysis endpoints allow API users to programmatically explore data in the GDC using advanced filters at a gene and mutation level. Mutation endpoints are provided for both somatic mutations and copy number variations. Survival analysis data is also available.

BAM Slicing

The GDC API also supports BAM slicing to retrieve only a portion of a file.

Submit Data

The GDC API can be used to submit data to the GDC by performing create, update, retrieve actions on entities and allows querying for submission status via GraphQL.

Detailed instructions for the above features are available in the GDC API User's Guide. Information on GDC API Releases is available in the GDC API Release Notes.