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GDC Collaborations

The NCI GDC collaborates with organizations that share commons goals in the management and analysis of cancer genomics data in support of cancer research.

NCI Cloud Resources

The GDC collaborates with NCI Cloud Resources whose goal is to democratize access to NCI-generated genomic and related data and to create a cost-effective way to provide computational support to the cancer research community. NCI Cloud Resources consists of three groups developing cloud-based platforms in support of genomic data analysis: Broad Institute, Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), and Seven Bridges Genomics.

List of collaborations
List of NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Resources


Broad Institute Cloud Resource - The Broad Institute’s FireCloud democratizes access to TCGA data and facilitates collaboration by providing a robust, scalable platform accessible to the community at large. Using the elastic compute capacity of Google Cloud, FireCloud empowers analysts, tool developers and production managers to perform large-scale analysis, engage in data curation, and store or publish results. Users can upload their own analysis methods and data to workspaces or run the Broad Institute’s best practice tools and pipelines on pre-loaded data.
Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) Cloud Resource – The ISB Cancer Gateway in the Cloud is a cloud-based platform that provides interactive and programmatic access to TCGA data, leveraging many aspects of the Google Cloud Platform. The interactive ISB-CGC web-app allows scientists to interactively define and compare cohorts, examine the underlying molecular data for specific genes or pathways of interest, and share insights with collaborators. For computational users, programmatic interfaces and GCP tools such as BigQuery, Genomics, and Compute Engine allow users to perform complex queries from R or Python scripts, or run Dockerized workflows on sequence data available in Cloud Storage.
Seven Bridges Genomics Cloud Resource – The Seven Bridges Genomics Cloud Resource is a platform that enables researchers to collaborate on the analysis of large cancer genomics datasets in a secure, reproducible and scalable manner. A rich query system allows researchers to find exactly the data they are interested in and combine it with their own private data. Native implementation of the Common Workflow Language specification makes it easy for developers, analysts and bench biologists to deploy, customize and run reproducible analysis methods to learn from genomics data faster.

The GDC is working with NCI Cloud Resources to implement a comprehensive ecosystem for cancer genomics data which will serve as a cohesive model for large-scale genomic data management and analysis. The GDC will provide NCI Cloud Resources with an authoritative NCI reference data set that can be accessed by NCI Cloud Resources for high performance computing. Read more about the GDC and NCI Cloud Resources collaborations and benefits to the cancer research community on the NCI Cloud Resources site.