GDC Analysis Tools

GDC DAVE tools iconGDC Analysis Tools allow users to perform custom cohort analysis for sets of cases, genes, and mutations.

GDC Analysis Tools Key Features

Compare Cohorts

Cohort Comparison

Display the survival analysis of custom case sets and compare characteristics such as gender, vital status and age at diagnosis.

Perform Gene and Case Set Operations

Set Operations

Perform operations on gene or case sets by visualizing set similarities and differences in a Venn diagram.

Conduct Clinical Data Analysis

Clinical Data Analysis Tool

Select which clinical variables to display and view cohort-level survival plots and plots applicable to each type of clinical variable such as histograms, box plots, and Q-Q plots.

GDC Analysis Tools are accessible through the GDC Data Portal. Detailed instructions for GDC Analysis Tools key features are available in the GDC Data Portal User's GuideInformation on GDC Data Portal Releases which include Analysis Tools is available in the GDC Data Portal Release Notes.