Clinical Data Harmonization

Clinical data on cases enrolled in major NCI CCG programs are provided by Biospecimen Core Repositories (BCRs) in schema-valid XML format. Other submitters may provide clinical data in a tab-delimited text or json format via a GDC web page. Clinical data elements indexed by the GDC are described in the following table.

More information about each of the clinical elements, including their descriptions and value domains, can be found in the GDC Data Dictionary Viewer. The links for each clinical entity dictionary entry are listed below:

Clinical Data Table

Term Category CDE Required / Preferred / Optional
Absolute neutrophil Follow Up 2597287 Optional
Adverse event Follow Up 3125302 Optional
Age at diagnosis Diagnosis 3225640 Required
Age at index Demographic 6028530 Optional
Ajcc clinical m Diagnosis 3440331 Optional
Ajcc clinical n Diagnosis 3440330 Optional
Ajcc clinical stage Diagnosis 3440332 Optional
Ajcc clinical t Diagnosis 3440328 Optional
Ajcc pathologic m Diagnosis 3045439 Optional
Ajcc pathologic n Diagnosis 3203106 Optional
Ajcc pathologic stage Diagnosis 3203222 Optional
Ajcc pathologic t Diagnosis 3045435 Optional
Albumin Follow Up 58274 Optional
Alcohol history Exposure 2201918 Optional
Alcohol intensity Exposure 3457767 Optional
Ann arbor b symptoms Diagnosis 2902402 Optional
Ann arbor clinical stage Diagnosis --- Optional
Ann arbor extranodal involvement Diagnosis 3364582 Optional
Ann arbor pathologic stage Diagnosis --- Optional
Best overall response Diagnosis 2003324 Optional
Beta 2 microglobulin Follow Up 2958039 Optional
Bmi Exposure 2006410 Optional
Bmi Follow Up 2006410 Optional
Bun Follow Up 58317 Optional
Burkitt lymphoma clinical variant Diagnosis 3770421 Optional
Calcium Follow Up 2630716 Optional
Cause of death Demographic 2554674 Optional
Cause of death Diagnosis 2554674 Optional
Cause of response Follow Up --- Optional
Cea level Follow Up 2752 Optional
Cigarettes per day Exposure 2001716 Preferred
Circumferential resection margin Diagnosis 64202 Optional
Classification of tumor Diagnosis 3288124 Optional
Colon polyps history Diagnosis 3107197 Optional
Colon polyps history Follow Up 3107197 Optional
Comorbidity Follow Up 2970715 Optional
Creatinine Follow Up 58318 Optional
Crp Follow Up 2181510 Optional
Days to adverse event Follow Up --- Optional
Days to best overall response Diagnosis --- Optional
Days to birth Demographic 3008233 Optional
Days to birth Diagnosis 3008233 Preferred
Days to comorbidity Follow Up --- Optional
Days to death Demographic 3165475 Optional
Days to death Diagnosis 3165475 Optional
Days to diagnosis Diagnosis --- Optional
Days to follow up Follow Up --- Required
Days to hiv diagnosis Diagnosis 4618491 Optional
Days to hiv diagnosis Follow Up 4618491 Optional
Days to last follow up Diagnosis 3008273 Required
Days to last known disease status Diagnosis 3008273 Required
Days to new event Diagnosis 3392464 Optional
Days to progression Follow Up --- Optional
Days to recurrence Diagnosis --- Required
Days to recurrence Follow Up --- Optional
Days to treatment end Treatment 5102431 Optional
Days to treatment start Treatment 5102411 Optional
Days to treatment Treatment --- Optional
Disease response Follow Up --- Optional
Dlco ref predictive percent Follow Up 2180255 Optional
Ecog performance status Follow Up 88 Optional
Estrogen receptor percent positive ihc Follow Up 3128341 Optional
Estrogen receptor result ihc Follow Up 2957359 Optional
Ethnicity Demographic 2192217 Required
Fev1 fvc post bronch percent Follow Up 3302956 Optional
Fev1 fvc pre bronch percent Follow Up 3302955 Optional
Fev1 ref post bronch percent Follow Up 3302948 Optional
Fev1 ref pre bronch percent Follow Up 3302947 Optional
Figo stage Diagnosis 3225684 Optional
Gender Demographic 2200604 Required
Glucose Follow Up 2004319 Optional
Height Exposure 649 Optional
Height Follow Up 649 Optional
Hemoglobin Follow Up 2190 Optional
Her2 erbb2 percent positive ihc Follow Up 3086980 Optional
Her2 erbb2 result fish Follow Up 2854089 Optional
Her2 erbb2 result ihc Follow Up 2957563 Optional
Hiv positive Diagnosis 4030799 Optional
Hiv positive Follow Up 4030799 Optional
Hpv positive type Diagnosis 2922649 Optional
Hpv positive type Follow Up 2922649 Optional
Hpv status Diagnosis 2230033 Optional
Hpv status Follow Up 2230033 Optional
Iga Follow Up 64580 Optional
Igg Follow Up 64581 Optional
Igl kappa Follow Up --- Optional
Igl lambda Follow Up --- Optional
Igm Follow Up 64582 Optional
Iss stage Diagnosis 2465385 Optional
Last known disease status Diagnosis 5424231 Required
Laterality Diagnosis 827 Optional
Ldh level at diagnosis Diagnosis 2798766 Optional
Ldh level Follow Up 2798766 Optional
Ldh normal range upper Diagnosis 2597015 Optional
Ldh normal range upper Follow Up 2597015 Optional
Lymph nodes positive Diagnosis 89 Optional
Lymphatic invasion present Diagnosis 64171 Optional
M protein Follow Up 64561 Optional
Method of diagnosis Diagnosis --- Optional
Microsatellite instability abnormal Follow Up 3123142 Optional
Morphology Diagnosis 3226275 Required
New event anatomic site Diagnosis 3108271 Optional
New event type Diagnosis 3119721 Optional
Overall survival Diagnosis --- Optional
Pack years smoked Exposure 2955385 Optional
Perineural invasion present Diagnosis 64181 Optional
Platelet count Follow Up 58304 Optional
Primary diagnosis Diagnosis 3081934 Required
Prior malignancy Diagnosis 3382736 Optional
Prior treatment Diagnosis 4231463 Optional
Progesterone receptor percent positive ihc Follow Up 3128342 Optional
Progesterone receptor result ihc Follow Up 2957357 Optional
Progression free survival event Diagnosis --- Optional
Progression free survival Diagnosis --- Optional
Progression or recurrence anatomic site Follow Up --- Optional
Progression or recurrence Diagnosis 3121376 Required
Progression or recurrence Follow Up 3121376 Optional
Race Demographic 2192199 Required
Regimen or line of therapy Treatment --- Optional
Relationship age at diagnosis Family_history 5300571 Optional
Relationship gender Family_history 2200604 Optional
Relationship primary diagnosis Family_history 3081934 Optional
Relationship type Family_history 2690165 Optional
Relative with cancer history Family_history 3901752 Optional
Residual disease Diagnosis 2608702 Optional
Site of resection or biopsy Diagnosis 3226281 Required
Therapeutic agents Treatment 2975232 Optional
Tissue or organ of origin Diagnosis 3427536 Required
Tobacco smoking onset year Exposure 2228604 Optional
Tobacco smoking quit year Exposure 2228610 Optional
Tobacco smoking status Exposure 2181650 Optional
Total protein Follow Up 2181536 Optional
Treatment anatomic site Treatment --- Optional
Treatment intent type Treatment 2793511 Optional
Treatment or therapy Treatment 4231463 Optional
Treatment outcome Treatment 5102383 Optional
Treatment type Treatment 5102381 Optional
Tumor grade Diagnosis 2785839 Required
Tumor stage Diagnosis C16899 Required
Vascular invasion present Diagnosis 64358 Optional
Vascular invasion type Diagnosis 3168001 Optional
Vital status Demographic 5 Optional
Vital status Diagnosis 5 Required
Wbc Follow Up 58312 Optional
Weight Exposure 651 Optional
Weight Follow Up 651 Optional
Year of birth Demographic 2896954 Optional
Year of death Demographic 2897030 Preferred
Year of diagnosis Diagnosis 2896960 Optional
Years smoked Exposure 3137957 Preferred