GDC User Interface (UI) Library

GDC Data Submission Client Tool icon The GDC contributes to a library of User Interface (UI) components to assist developers in building visualization tools supporting cancer analytics.

The GDC uses the ReactJS, a JavaScript Framework for building user interfaces, in the development of GDC UI components. The GDC collaborate with other teams in building OncoJS, a set of javascript visualization tools for cancer analtics.

GDC OncoJS Contributions

Build and Customize a Lolliplot

LolliplotThe GDC provides a re-useable lolliplot chart to display mutations and their location on a gene. The lolliplot chart that can be customized is available in the Lolliplot OncoJS repository.

Create an OncoGrid

Plot High Impact Mutations using OncoGridThe GDC provides access to an OncoGrid wrapper and associated data mappings, queries, and parameters that can be used to create an OncoGrid. The OncoGrid wrapper is available in the OncoGrid OncoJS repository.

Develop Survival Plots

Survival PlotThe GDC provides a JavaScript component to develop and customize survival plots. The Survival Plot is available in the Survival Plot OncoJS repository.