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New TCGA Whole Genome Data and Five New NCI MATCH Projects

GDC Data Release 39 is now available on the GDC Data Portal. Several main features for this release include new TCGA WGS variants and additional higher coverage alignments, and five new projects from NCI’s MATCH program:

  • WGS data from across 25 TCGA projects including 6,957 additional higher coverage alignments and 1,002 tumor/normal variant call runs
  • Reharmonized tumor-only variant calls for WXS and targeted sequencing from multiple projects
  • RNA-Seq and whole-exome data from NCI’s MP2PRT-ALL project with somatic variants available via the GDC’s Exploration page
  • New cases from NCI’s Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI)
  • New arms of NCI’s MATCH Precision Medicine Clinical Trial:
    • MATCH-H - BRAF Mutations (phs001888)
    • MATCH-I - PIK3CA Mutation (phs002181)
    • MATCH-U - NF2 Loss (phs002179)
    • MATCH-W - FGFR Pathway Aberrations (phs001948)
    • MATCH-Z1A - NRAS Mutations (phs001973)

For a comprehensive list of changes, please see the Data Release 39.0 Notes.