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New GDC Data Dictionary Clinical Properties for TARGET, HCMI, and TCGA

In GDC Data Dictionary Release 2.6.6, the GDC added support for:

  • New Clinical Properties for TARGET, HCMI, and TCGA - Several new properties and enumerated values for diagnosis, treatment, molecular tests, exposure, and pathology details for major NCI programs
  • Additional Molecular Test Properties - New property for immunohistochemistry staining intensity scale and new enumerations for gene symbols and test values
  • Disease Specific Clinical Diagnosis Properties - Clinical diagnosis properties for ENSAT staging of adrenal tumors, tumor burden and measurement types for sarcomas, and Clark levels for melanoma
  • New Pathology Details Properties - New properties for tumor measurements of sarcomas and melanomas are now available in Pathology Details

For additional updates and details, please visit the GDC Data Dictionary v.2.6.6 Release Notes.