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New Data from NCI’s MATCH and EAGLE Studies Available

GDC Data Release 36 includes WXS and RNA-Seq data for cases from NCI’s MATCH precision medicine clinical trial (MATCH-Z1D; phs001859) and WGS, WXS, and RNA-Seq data for lung adenocarcinoma cases from NCI’s EAGLE epidemiologic study (CDDP_EAGLE-1; phs001239). New cases for Count Me In’s Metastatic Breast Cancer (CMI-MBC) project have also been added with WXS and RNA-Seq data.

In addition to the new cases, data sets that were previously only available at the GDC Legacy Archive are now available in the active GDC Data Portal. This includes TCGA and TARGET sequencing data files that were newly harmonized. Pathology reports and SNP6 files are also available in the GDC Data Portal.

For a comprehensive list of changes, see the Data Release Notes.