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New Clinical Data Analysis Tools, Submission Support & Other Updates

In a major update to GDC's Data Portal, users can now plot and explore clinical data in the Analysis area. A new look and feel is also available for searching clinical metadata in the Exploration section. To learn more about these updates users can visit the GDC Data Portal Users Guide. The Data Submission Portal also has a major new update: QC reports are now available and will help submitters identify and correct any quality issues with their uploaded data. To read more about QC Reports users can visit the GDC Submission Portal User Guide. Detailed release highlights include: GDC Data Portal (v1.23)

  • Clinical Data Analysis feature now available
    • Plot and explore clinical data
    • Easily create custom cohorts based on clinical data
    • Ability to create custom binning for clinical variables
  • Updated Exploration area includes a new dedicated clinical tab
    • Easier to locate all clinical properties containing data
    • More intuitive organization of clinical properties
  • Bug fixed to correct Clinical Data Export file organization
  • Support for BAM slicing of unmapped reads
  • Added reference to CIViC clinical variant annotations on the gene page
  • Release Notes

GDC Data Submission Portal (v2.4)

  • QC Reports added to submission portal allowing users to better identify metadata issues
    • New QC Reports table added
    • New QC chart added to dashboard
  • Release Notes

GDC API (v1.23)

  • Unmapped reads can now be downloaded using the BAM slicing API or in the GDC Data Portal
  • Better handling of concurrent transactions
  • Case insensitive searching for most properties now supported
  • Release Notes