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GDC Legacy Archive Retires

The Genomic Data Commons strives to provide standardized and relevant genomic data to the cancer research community. While data processed according to the most up-to-date pipelines is provided to users through the GDC Data Portal, a number of files processed via older or external pipelines had been kept available for users through the GDC Legacy Archive. This included files generated with GENCODE v22 as the reference gene model, which were archived after Data Release v32, as well as data aligned to GRCh19.

As of May 4, 2023, the GDC Legacy Archive has been retired and the archival data is no longer available. Note that users who have previously downloaded manifests from the Legacy Archive will still be able to download legacy data for the next 30 days. Users may access the latest version of data through the GDC Data Portal and data associated with publications via the GDC Publication Pages.