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Foundation Medicine Agreement Will Provide Variant Data to GDC

Today the National Cancer Institute signed an agreement with Foundation Medicine, Inc. (FMI) that will grow the number of cancer cases represented at the GDC to well over 30,000 individuals. The agreement will make FMI-generated comprehensive genomic variant information for a set of cancer-associated genes from over 18,000 adult cancer cases available through the GDC to dbGaP-authorized users. The dataset is derived from a genomic profiling assay that interrogates exons of up to 287 genes and introns from 19 genes known to be clinically or biologically related to human cancer. Basic clinical diagnostic information will accompany the genomic data, along with information on sample purity (percent tumor nuclei) and variant allele frequencies. The data is the product of a rigorous, standardized laboratory and computational pipeline, and includes all classes of alterations: base substitutions, insertions and deletions, copy number alterations, and rearrangements. For more information contact GDC Support.