GDC Exploration Tools

GDC DAVE tools iconGDC Exploration Tools allow users to build custom cohorts and perform interactive visualizations of associated genes and mutations.

GDC Exploration Tools Key Features

View Most Frequently Mutated Genes

Most Frequently Mutated Genes

View the genes in which the most somatic mutations are observed.

Plot High Impact Mutations using OncoGrid

Plot High Impact Mutations using OncoGrid

Plot all cases for the project and visualize the top 50 mutated genes affected by high impact mutations in the GDC OncoGrid.

Perform Survival Analysis

Survival Plot

Display a survival plot for cases with or without a specific variant or mutated gene.

Visualize Mutations for Protein-Coding Regions

Protein Viewer

Visualize mutations and their frequency across cases mapped to a graphical visualization of protein-coding regions using the GDC Protein Viewer.

View Cancer Distribution

Cancer Distribution

View the number of cases affected by the mutation across all projects 

View Top Mutated Genes Across Projects

Top Mutated Genes Across Projec

Visualize the top mutated genes across projects and the number of cases affected.

Display Copy Number Variation (CNV) Changes

OncoGrid with Copy Number Variations

Display selected CNVs, categorized as shallow loss, deep loss, gain, or high-level amplifications in conjunction with small-scale mutations (substitutions and short indels).

View Genes Annotated by COSMIC

COSMIC Example

View which genes are annotated in the COSMIC Cancer Gene Census and link to COSMIC to obtain additional information on mutations.

Build Custom Cohorts

Exploration Faceted Search

Perform case, clinical, gene, and mutation faceted searches to build custom cohorts for further analysis.

GDC Exploration Tools are accessible through the GDC Data Portal. Detailed instructions for GDC Exploration Tools key features are available in the GDC Data Portal User's GuideInformation on GDC Data Portal Releases which include Exploration Tools is available in the GDC Data Portal Release Notes.