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Users can find support for using the GDC through webinars, documentation, training videos, and directly from the GDC Help Desk.

Help Desk

Help Desk

For assistance with GDC query, download, submission and analysis of data, please contact the GDC Help Desk (

Submitting GDC support requests requires the submission of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Please see the GDC Privacy Policy and GDC Privacy Act Notification for additional information.

GDC responses to Help Desk inquiries are reviewed daily (Monday through Friday), and resolution is provided in the timeliest manner possible.

To receive timely updates about GDC Releases, maintenance windows, and other news and announcements, please Join the GDC User Listserv.



GDC Data Portal

The GDC Data Portal is a robust web-based platform that allows users to search, analyze, and download data for custom cohorts from cancer genomic studies. For detailed instructions on using the GDC Data Portal, please see our GDC Tutorial Videos which are also available in the NCI GDC YouTube Playlist.

GDC Data Transfer Tool

The GDC Data Transfer Tool is a client-based tool supporting high-performance data downloads and submission.

GDC Data Submission Portal

The GDC Data Submission Portal is a platform that allows researchers to submit data to the GDC that will be processed and released to the research community. Projects need to be approved by the GDC and registered in dbGaP.

GDC Developer Tools

The GDC provides developer tools such as frameworks for developing applications that operate within the GDC and programmatic interfaces for retrieving, analyzing, and downloading data from the GDC. 

doc iconGDC Application Developer Guide » 
Details the process of developing applications for the GDC Data Portal and describes the structure of the GDC Data Portal and GDC Application Software Development Kit (SDK).