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GDC Data Submission Portal

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The GDC Data Submission Portal is a platform that allows researchers to submit and release data into the GDC.

GDC Data Submission Portal Key Features

Register dbGaP Project in the GDC

The GDC Data Submission Portal allows users to submit data associated with projects registered in dbGaP. Information on registering a project in dbGaP is available at Obtaining Access to Submit Data.

Manage Project Status through the GDC Submission Dashboard

The GDC Data Submission Portal Dashboard provides insights on a project's status. Widgets give a visual view on data uploaded to the GDC, Case Overview and Data Validation TSV reports can be downloaded to be used by other tools and latest transactions are displayed, detailing latest activities on the project. The Dashboard can also be used as the centerpiece for UI-based submission, guiding users through the main stages of submission, from Data Upload to Data Release. GDC Data Submission Portal - Dashboard

Create Data Using Standard GDC Data Types and File Format Specifications

The GDC defines standard Data Types and File Formats for data submission. Users can submit clinical, biospecimen, and molecular data in the standard data format in support of data validation and harmonization.

Validate and Upload Data to the GDC Data Submission Portal

The GDC Data Submission Portal provides a three stage submission wizard (upload, validation, submission) that validates files before the user submits them into the GDC. Reports are automatically generated following each file validation, giving the user in depth details about errors in files uploaded for submission. Submission is only possible for files passing validation, to ensure that only high quality data is submitted into the GDC. GDC Submission Wizard Validate File

Browse Uploaded Data Prior to Submission and Release

The GDC Data Submission Portal is equipped with a Data Browser, allowing users to dive into uploaded data. The Data Browser provides filter mechanisms to easily identify incomplete data and download reports, tables and manifests to be used by other tools. The Data Browser also places emphasis on links between entities, allowing users to navigate through all data associated with a specific case. GDC Data Submission Portal - Browse

Validate and Submit Files to the GDC Data Transfer Tool

Following successful submission of biospecimen and clinical data files into the GDC, users can download a manifest file and import the file into the GDC Data Transfer Tool for uploading large molecular data files into the GDC. GDC Submission Transactions Details Documents

Detailed instructions for GDC Data Submission Portal key features are available in the GDC Data Submission Portal User's Guide. Information on GDC Data Submission Portal Releases is available in the GDC Data Submission Portal Release Notes.